Adding Text To Movie Using Windows Live Movie Maker

Movies are all about chaining snaps in an orderly manner along with an attractive theme or background music. Movie making is a high-ended desire of any creative artist. The Windows Live Movie Maker is an absolute solution for all those who wish to produce their own movies.

The Windows Live Movie Maker clubs pictures together in order to depict stories that you want to convey to the world. All movies come up with captions, titles, location, credits, and direction information. You can encapsulate this information to your movies in single click. A separate option is devoted to initiate this functionality in Windows Live Movie Maker.

Log into Windows Live Movie Maker from the Windows live suite installed in your system.


You will now be taken to the Windows Live Movie Maker home page.

Add pictures or video to the Movie Maker story board by clicking Add videos and photos.


The options to add text are available towards the right of the option snapshots on the main tab. The three different text options refer to adding title, adding credit, and adding captions.

The text tab available on top of the main tab enables changing the text effects and background. One can even set the timing of incoming and outgoing textual information. Additional information such as text transparency and text presentation styles are also provided to users.


These facilities incorporated along with textual representation relieve the designer from text image construction and their appearance. This is indeed a big contribution from Microsoft towards movie making.

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Filter Web Sites -Windows Live Family Safety

The Internet is a world of limitless exploration, study and fun for kids. It unleashes a new era of inventions and studies which is undoubtedly an asset to the young generation However, several scientific studies related to the effect of Internet on children states that the Internet has a dark face which might drag your child into a world of charlatan.

It is the duty of every parent to look deeper into this problem and assure that your child is on the right track. It is not possible to be with your child at all times; however, you can limit your child’s activities on the Web using the trusted essential within Windows Live- The Windows Live Family Safety. The exciting features in this utility would ensure that your child watches the stuff you want them to see, and adult content is strictly blocked.

The first step in the process is to use the Family Safety installed in your desktop, or you may log into if you do not have it in your system.


Click Windows Live in the homepage and select All services.


Select Family Safety from the list of several available services.

You can now view the family summary of all associated desktop activities. Any requests to view sites are available for acceptance or denial.


Click on Edit settings along with child desktops. The Web Filtering option is present here. Click on Web Filtering.


You can set levels in the Web Filtering section. The different levels include:

  • allow list only
  • child friendly
  • general interest
  • online communication
  • warn on adult

This feature can also be turned off, if not required.


Click on Web filtering lists to add or block the sites as per your convenience. Enter the respective URL associated with the sites in the tab and click Allow or Block according to your preference. You can also remove the blocks any time.


Microsoft has made an amazing contribution to safe child Internet access by including the Family Safety feature within its list of essentials.

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Publish Movies To Facebook From Windows Live Movie Maker

The Windows Live movie making is all about creating innovative movies with effects and background scores. The sequence of slide shows within the Movie Maker story board can depict stories of lives and nature. A creative director can make use of all movie making techniques available in Windows Live Movie Maker. Besides creating movies, you can publish the whole movie to social networking sites such as Facebook where your friends can view, comment and enjoy your creation. This is indeed a very simple procedure.

The first step in creating your movie is to open the Windows Live Movie Maker through “Programs”. This program is installed in your system as part of the Windows Live essential suite.


You will now be taken to the home tab of the Windows Live Movie Maker.


Add the required video or snaps from the system or web. Features needed to add texts, picture effects and background music are easily available as part of the Windows Live Movie Maker suite.


Once the movie is all set, you can easily publish it to Facebook by clicking on the Facebook symbol on the top pane. You will be prompted to select the resolution of the movie.


Upon selection of the required resolution, the movie is made ready to be published on Facebook. Set the movie name title and information regarding the movie. Click Publish.



The movie is now to be saved. The saving progression appears on the screen.

Once saved, your movie will be published to Facebook, that is, if you have already linked messenger to Facebook. If not, you can publish the movie using Facebook credentials. Your friends will now be able to see your post. You can also remove the post whenever you want to via Facebook.


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Connect Picasa To Windows Live

From the advent of digital images, photo organization, sharing, and publishing have become widespread over the Internet and so are the supporting web applications. Picasa is one such photo manipulation application that has conquered millions of minds all across the globe.

Picasa is an image viewer and organizer that enable editing and organizing of digital photos. It is an integrated photo sharing website that was originally created by Idealab and later owned by Google. It is now a handy plug in for those who use live window in order to manage photos.

Picasa is one of the available services among many others present within the Windows Live Essential. This feature can easily be incorporated into Windows Live through a sequence of steps as depicted below.

  • Log into Windows Live by providing the essential credential.

  • Click “Add” from the main page and select “Find more services.”

  • Select Picasa from the many available services displayed.

  • Enter the Picasa user name and click Connect. This connects Picasa with other Windows Live services.

  • Picasa service added can be viewed from “Manage my services.”

  • Picasa is now available together with other services.

  • Alternatively, Picasa service can also be removed when required.

Photo publishing and uploads through Picasa within Windows Live is a big boon for the live users who extensively use Picasa web albums. The entire feature is available in a single click and it is a big relief to all live users who rely on Picasa.

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Windows Live Photo Gallery- The Ultimate Solution For Photo Fusion

Photos were always part of the normal human life. They depict beautiful sceneries and portraits as a memorable evidence of the good old days. An advent from handmade portraits to digital pictures, the photo world had eloped a long way to be part of the latest lifestyle.

Everyone would wish to present their best style in all photos taken. Even if you made a bad pose last time with your friends, just retake a shot and fuse the best of your snaps with already existing photo to make a perfect picture. Unbelievable! ‑ is it? However, with Windows Live photo gallery, it’s a simple truth. Next time you can fuse different photos and get the best shots to produce a single unique photo by following a few steps in Windows Live photo gallery. This feature is specially integrated into a photo gallery to improve group portraits where a person looks better in one photo than in another.

The only perquisite for a photo fusion is that the photos you choose to merge should be similar photos taken with same subjects, lighting, and vantage points.

  • To start up, open Windows Live Photo Gallery from the Windows Live Essential suite installed in your system.
  • You are now taken to the Windows Live photo gallery window where you can render amazing photos.
  • Select the photos you need to fuse. On create Tab, Select photo fuse.
  • Your photos will be aligned to produce the resulting photo set.
  • You can now choose the best part from the available photos provided and create an output photo which looks best.
  • Click on the area of the photo where you want the content to be replaced. You can alternatively adjust the area size by dragging one of the points. Now choose the replacement photo and click Save.

With photo gallery installed in your system, you need not worry of snapping a wrong shot. Just edit and fuse photos for yourself to render the best of your expressions.

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